Other Software Projects


This tool performs a realtime phase space reconstruction of sound signals. It can also plot the spectrum versus time (sonogram) and you can rotate every diagram in space.

This program was a "waste-product" during my diploma thesis, where I studied nonlinearities in speech signals.

The problem is that this tool is quite old now and does not compile easily on modern Linuxes. If you update it please send me the updated code - I have no time for this at the moment.

Download somnic-v0.35 or as xmms plugin.


Your private network watchdog that detects various LAN-based attacks! Currently frozen, because of urgent Mausezahn requests...

Since I told or demonstrated it to some people already, here is some NEWS: I'm proud to say that it works quite well, but I plan to redesign it to improve its usability and to integrated in your Linux desktop (another thing in the tray :-)). Please stay patient... [26. Oct 2008]


A tool to measure the communication overhead in a high performance computing cluster environment (2004). Available on request, I do not maintain this currently. Here is a summary and some pics [1], [2].


It is a bad habit but I always hack at different projects at the same time. Currently [26 Oct 2008] Mausezahn is the most urgent, so my other projects (sumo and huluvu) have to wait.

I will update this section when I found, corrected, maintained, cleaned up, etc my other programs I have written so far...

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