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    The Darwinera is a new non-religious calendar based on science and reason.

    This is the first release of the Darwin Era Calendar. Some remembrance days are self-evident, but many others are still matter of discussion and consensus. Hence, this calender is not a final release but a work in progress.

    You are invited to join Darwin-Era.org, a non-profit open-community organization, to participate in the design of this calendar.

    Free Download - Calendar Sheets

    Freely download particular calendar sheets here for high-quality prints:

    Gabriel, André, Renato and Ricardom, some brights from Brazil translated the whole calendar into Portuguese.

    Free Download - Year Planner

    NEW: A Darwin-Era year-planner in A0 format containing all calender pages (29 MB). It could be also used as nice poster in school classes.



    The Darwin-Era calendar is licensed under Creative Commons Attribute 3.0.

    The calendar is a work in progress; final holidays and remembrance days will be discussed in the forum at Darwin-Era.org (available soon).

    If you want to provide alternative download sites then please don't hesitate! Our bandwidths here are limited...


    In the last decades the number of atheists on earth has increased significantly. The phantastic scientific discoveries of the last century, the globalization of the last decade, and the brave engagement of intellectuals all over the world led to a strong self-conscious new atheist movement.

    After thousands of years of superstition, hundreds of religions that came and went, we believe that mankind has now the chance to become adult. There is no more reason to hold on to irrational traditions that impede the advancement of the human civilization. Science gave us the key to our existence: an explanation about life and the universe, and our position herein. Science tells us that we are solely responsible for the future of life on earth. We cannot pass our responsibility to someone else (for example to a god).

    Alas the whole world still follows religion-based calendars (Gregorian, Islamic, Jewish, etc) which defined holidays that remember saints, religious leaders etc. We feel that atheists should have their own calendar, commemorating great humanists and scientists instead of saints or mythical creatures.

    But which year should mark our 'year zero'? Which is the most pregnant day that marks the most important leap in intellectual enlightenment? It is clearly the publication of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species in 1859. It was THIS masterpiece that changed everything. The 'Origin' worried the churches even more than Copernicus' De Revolutionibus or Galilei's Dialogues on two world systems because Darwin discovered a provable explanation about the origin of man (and all other species) without the need to assume any creator.

    The first time in human history, mankind recognized their real origins. Darwin taught us that the religious explanations that dictated the world view for many thousands of years are completely wrong . The Origin of the Species became the definite fundament of atheism.

    In the 150 years since the 'Origin' has been published its defenders often had a hard life. Even today many people still demonize and decline the scientific truth of the evolution because it conflicts with their beliefs. Creationism and Intelligent Design Theories are quite popular today.

    The Darwin Era should represent a new age of enlightenment . Use this calendar to express that you believe in a humanistic free-thinking movement, where reason and scientifc research should replace superstition and belief.

    Help spreading the concept of the Darwin Era if you think that it is time to stop the millennia of religious indoctrination, depression, and violence.


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