most wanted criminal I completed electrical engineering with focus on computer science at the technical university Vienna in 1999 and until 2009 I worked as self-employed network expert for larger companies (including service providers, banks, airlines, and secret services) all over the world.

In these 11 years I was delivering Cisco-certified courses in behalf of Fast Lane, a world wide operating Cisco Learning Solution Partner. As of 2009 I am a certified Cisco Instructor (CCSI #23493) and also certified CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCSP, CAWDS, INFOSEC, NSA/CNSS, as well as HP ASE. During my work, I gathered in-depth experience in several advanced networking areas, including MPLS, Multicast, large-scale Wireless LANs, and especially Security. I have/had also contracts with PRO-IN, Global Knowledge, and NIL.

Other stages in my life: Co-founder and CTO of Crosstalk Ltd (4 yrs), scientific assistant at the Institute of Photonics, TU Vienna (2 yrs), studying Astronomy at the Institute of Astronomy (University Vienna) as a hobby (6 yrs, not completed), with a special interest in Radio Astronomy.

Today, I mostly give lectures on communications and security in various universities including Technical University Vienna, FH Campus, FH Eisenstadt (resigned 2009), and FH Vorarlberg (resigned 2001).

Since July 2009 I started my main work at the research & development branch of the FH Campus Vienna, focusing on reliable communications. Additionally I work as university lector at the Institute of Computer Technology where I hold the course data communication for electrical engineers.

Recently I added birdwatching to my list of hobbies, besides gardening, astronomy, physics, math, skepticism, and classical music. I am a member of the Austrian society for critical thinking (Gesellschaft für kritisches Denken) -- which says a lot ;-)

This is my personal and professional WWW page.

PS: I am no longer in Xing or any other social network. For several currently emerging reasons: security, privacy, waste of time, irrelevance, etc. -- Get a life!

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